Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Quest with Unexpected Treasure

Yesterday morning, I woke up earlier than I'd have admittedly liked to, especially considering my piano lesson was cancelled, to brave the white blizzard-y streets with my roommate so that she may be able to buy Wreck-It-Ralph, as it came out yesterday. We made it to Walgreens, but they didn't have the movie. We crossed the street to the Jewel Osco and they didn't have it either. The good news with all of this, however, is that, while Jewel did not have Wreck-It-Ralph, they did have bags of knock-off Teddy Grahams for only a dollar a piece! Also, we stopped by the library and got a couple movies to watch this week. Check it out:

It just looks so beautiful....*sniff*.
Yes, we got How To Train Your Dragon, because I've really wanted to see it recently and I haven't seen it before, and Space Jam, because...well, do I really need to put a reason here?

All in all, it was a cold, windy, and slush-filled trip, but it was all worth it. Especially since I got to end it with a nice bowl of hot tomato basil soup and an email from my professor stating that my only class for the day was cancelled. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Restarting and shaven legs

Wow, it's been just under a year since I've started this blog and look how far I...haven't come. I sometimes think about how much excitement I had for this blog and how much I was looking forward to getting back into the blogging sphere and then I remember how I only posted six times and never did again. Well, I think that's rather silly and, having not realized how close to a year it's been, I decided I'm going to attempt starting this blog up again. Admittedly, I might not remember to post everyday-it might be closer to once a week-but I will eventually get to doing one every day. Hopefully, this works out like I'm hoping.

So, here's today's entry:

To get things started off, enjoy a picture of my lovely legs.

So, tonight I shaved for the first time in four months. (I was actually going to make a post with my hairy legs, but then I made an impromptu decision to shave while in the shower tonight, so you get my recently shaven legs instead). As for not shaving them in four months, I have a few reasons:

  1. It was the beginning of November, so I decided to do my part and participate in No-Shave November. The only place I shaved-in fact, the only place I've shaved in the last 4 months (excluding tonight)-was my under arms.
  2. It was the beginning of winter. AKA, it helped keep me warm.
  3. I am extremely lazy.
  4. When it was No-Shave November, lots of people were kicking up a fuss about the ladies participating in it and it irked me enough that I decided to do a No-Shave Winter.
  5. I go to college and take showers in a public bathroom, so it's a little uncomfortable to shave in there.
Admittedly, mostly I was lazy, but it did have a few, I suppose, feminist aspects to it. As for my experience in doing it, it was actually pretty nice. I wore pants all winter, so I didn't really have to worry about anyone spotting my legs in public. The only time I did have to worry about that was when I went to take showers, since I only wear a towel on my way to and from the shower. At first, I was really nervous about walking there with my hairy legs out in the open, but after a while, I grew much more comfortable and didn't have a problem with it. People saw me with hairy legs, many times in fact, but never said anything, at least not to my face. I suppose I was lucky that I didn't get any harassment and I am glad for it. Knowing how worse people could have been about it, even when they only had that small opportunity to see them, was pretty terrifying, especially at the beginning. But, the more I walked to and from the bathroom, the more I honestly didn't care.

Usually during the winter I don't shave my legs often, maybe every 3-4 weeks, but this was my first to not shave them at all. It was quite the experience and, honestly, I get the feeling that this is something I will probably do again next winter. I am, after all, nothing if not a lazy feminist.