Monday, April 29, 2013

Midday Movie Mondays-50 First Dates

Okay, so today's movie, as you probably figured out from the title, was 50 First Dates!
Admittedly, I love that there are so many jokes about
Adam Sandler's head being shaped like an egg in this movie.

So, I actually had an ulterior motive for watching this movie today as I had to watch it for an assignment in my Abnormal Psychology class. Nonetheless, it's a movie that I have watched and enjoyed before so I was rather looking forward to seeing it again.

For those who haven't seen it, it's about Henry (Adam Sandler) who meets Lucy (Drew Berrymore) and becomes infatuated with her only to learn that she has Goldfield Syndrome (AKA Anterograde Amnesia, which is when someone can't remember any new memories that are created usually after a trauma to the brain). Henry works to explain her accident and make her fall in love with him everyday.

Personally, I rather enjoy this movie. I believe it gives a fairly accurate portrayal of a mental disorder such as Anterograde Amnesia, even if it renames it. It is lovely that he continues to win her affections every day, even knowing that she's going to forget him the next day. It has an extremely bittersweet ending, which my roommate actually cried at (and she didn't even see all of the movie). Overall, I think this movie is charming, funny and an enjoyable movie, though perhaps not my favorite of all time, even in the realm of rom-coms.
AKA, this is a movie that, while I enjoy watching, I'm probably not going to go out and purposefully rent, unless I need to for a class or I am just somehow really in the mood for it.

PS: Any suggestions for a future movie? I watched this one because I had to anyway for a class, but I'm completely undecided on what I'm going to watch next week, so I would love any requests you have to give!

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