Monday, May 6, 2013

Midday Movie Mondays: Iron man

This week's movie, by popular vote on my tumblr, was Iron Man!
*obligatory Ozzy song*
So, I actually haven't seen this movie in probably a year? I was in the mood to watch a Marvel movie anyway, though, because I saw Captain America: The First Avenger last night. Also, I saw Iron Man 3 last Friday, so this was a fun way to go back to the beginning.

Now, what can I say about this movie? Only that it is absolutely amazing! The action is awesome, the acting is phenomenal, and the all of the effects and cinematography, for what little I know about that stuff, was pretty rockin'. It was really interesting to see this movie again, after so long and after seeing The Avengers and Iron Man 3, in that it was interesting to see Tony back at the beginning. Right from the beginning he looked different to me, if only somewhat younger. I enjoyed seeing Tony back where he started, especially with seeing Yensin again. Also, I really miss the deep, intimidating voice he had in this movie while wearing the suit. Why exactly did they get rid of that?

Overall, this movie was top notch, of course, and I loved watching it again right after seeing the third in the series. If you're ever in the mood to see an action-packed, gritty comic book movie, I would definitely put this one at the top of the recommends pile.

PS: For those of you who've seen all three of the Iron Mans, which did you like the best? Personally, I think Iron Man 3 is at the top, with Iron Man close behind in second and Iron Man 2 rounding out the herd.

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