Monday, May 13, 2013

Midday Movie Mondays-Shrek!

Thanks to a poll over on my tumblr, today's movie was Shrek!
"Not the gumdrop buttons!"
Okay, so, this is somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I haven't watched the original Shrek in...well, it's been a long time. So, watching this movie was really nostalgic for me, as it probably would be for most people. For those of you who, somehow, don't know the story of Shrek, here's the IMDB short plot synopsis:
"An ogre, in order to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying donkey in order to bring a princess to a scheming lord, wishing himself King."
It's a great movie, full of laughs and touching moments with a surprisingly relevant message behind it. At least, the message I gleaned from this movie was relevant. The whole "not judging people before you get to know them" is a pretty timeless theme, if I say so myself.

For me, the most surprising thing was realizing how, for lack of a better word, adult this movie was. I'm pretty sure I caught a few ass's and damn's and I was sort of blown away at how much I missed. Not to mention Shrek's comment about Lord Farquad compensating for something with his rather large *ahem* castle and the part in the info song in which they almost say ass, which I'd definitely noticed before. Throughout watching it, I kept asking myself how this only had a PG rating.

Of course, after the movie, I had to go find the Shrek Karaoke in the Swamp to watch, simply for the nostalgia factor. Singing and dancing along to that is definitely something I remember doing when I was a kid in front of my TV, so it was a must to do so today.

If you can't tell my opinion, it's that I absolutely adore this movie. It's combines hilarious moments with sweet moments with awesome songs. It gets a big fat recommend to every one I know.

PS: I feel it should be mentioned, but I also love the second Shrek. I used to say it was my favorite, but after rewatching the first one, I might have to rethink that...Which one is your guys' favorite?

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