Monday, March 12, 2012

Cards, cards, everywhere!

So, I wasn't really sure what to take a picture of today. All I did was go to school (which I'm sure you don't want to hear about) and go to musical rehearsal (which I've already talked about). So, I was a bit stumped. I thought about taking pictures of many different things, but then I remembered something I mentioned in my first post...
45 decks pictured. I actually have 48 overall. I know. I counted.

Bet you didn't really believe I collected decks of cards, did you? I don't remember exactly when I started collecting them, but I know that it has been a few years and I've definitely collected some interesting ones in my time. My mom enjoys going to Las Vegas, so every time she brings me back decks from a few different hotels. I have a couple decks from my grandmother from when she went to England. I have a Yogi Bear deck (bottom row, third from the right), Chris Angel deck (middle deck, second from the left), a Spanish deck (fourth row down, fourth from the left) that only has 40 cards, a deck all about lures of the past (bottom row, fifth from the left), and many others.

I think one of the reasons I like collecting card decks so much is because despite the fact that all of them have different backs, they are all still similar on the front (excluding the Spanish deck). I can use every single one of those decks (excluding Spanish one) for the same games, and yet they look so different. I don't know. Cards/Card games have always been a bit fascinating to me.

Yay for being a card nerd!
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