Saturday, March 10, 2012

Set Painting, Dress Buying, and Bread Stick Eating

I had a fairly fun-filled day today. This morning I went to my school to help paint sets for the musical. It turned out to be quite fun. There were about 8 other students there along with our director and the art teacher. The director even put her iPod on over the speakers in the auditorium and we all had fun with it (At one point I was up on a ladder, painting a wall, and I made a 'I'm getting high' joke and proceeded to laugh at my own genius...because I was on a ladder. Like, I was high up? Oh forget it.).

After set painting was over, I went home to take a shower and get ready to go dress shopping with my friend and her boyfriend. Before I went, my mom and I looked on the website to see what dresses they had and picked one out a head of time. When my friend and I got there (her boyfriend went to a different store) I instantly went to find the dress, only to find that it was in a size that I thought would probably be too big. I kept looking for other dresses for a bit, but I couldn't tear myself away from that one. I quickly snatched it up to try it on in the dressing room and, what do you know, it fit! I had to wait for my friend to figure out which dress/size she was getting she which ended up as this neon pink monstrosity that I personally would never wear, but I know she loves. As for my dress, however, I went with a color that was a bit more subtle...

Wedding dress? What wedding dress?

I can honestly say that I am absolutely thrilled that I got the dress I wanted and I just love it to pieces (thankfully not literally). Everyone who's seen it has said it looks like a wedding dress, which I'm completely fine with. Honestly, even without a date to prom, I feel like a bride when i wear it.

After we bought our dresses, we headed of to Fazoli's for supper. As usual (which, unfortunately isn't that usual) it was amazing. I had the Baked Ravioli Florentine, which consisted of cheese ravioli, chicken, spinach, and Alfredo sauce, and was absolutely to die for. Not to mention the bread sticks! Crazy delicious, as always (I tend to give Fazoli's a good review when I get to go, have you noticed?).

After our wonderful day, the three of us went back to my house and watched he's just not that into you which is currently one of my favorite movies. They didn't leave until 11:30, which is one of the reasons I didn't get this post up until after midnight (So, whether or not it says it was posted on the eleventh, we're just going to count this one as my post for the tenth, okay?).

I wish more days were like this. It was very peaceful.

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